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Bonjour Transitions Team, welcome to your planting Newsletter!

Dernière mise à jour : 5 juil. 2023

News of your future green forest

2023 Plantation !

Dear friends of MANA,

We're delighted to bring you the latest news on our great ecological adventure! And today, we're happy to share with you the details of our 2023 plantation.

Let us take you on our journey into the heart of nature, where 1080 Paulownias have found their new home. From the outset, we imagined an agroforestry plan so that each tree could flourish unhindered, while leaving space for farmers to maneuver their machinery with ease. The lines of trees are spaced 8 meters apart, and 15 meters are left free at the end of the field on each side.

Here's a video of the result:

Now we tell you all about it

The first challenge we had to overcome was the terrain: we had to wait for the hay harvest before we could prepare the soil for planting, but frequent rains delayed the harvest, leaving us very little time before the arrival of the seedlings to get everything ready. When the farmer was finally able to harvest, we used the power of the subsoiler and rotovator to prepare the soil, allowing the young roots to take place in well loosened soil.

Irrigation was no piece of cake either!

Although our dear Paulownias are rather frugal when it comes to water, we had to make sure they had everything they needed to grow strong and beautiful. For the first two summers, our little trees will be sparingly watered thanks to a clever irrigation system: drip irrigation. This system will then be reused for future plantings, as soon as the trees are sufficiently deeply rooted.

The long-awaited moment of planting was a wonderful reunion.

Families, companies delegations and, of course, the MANA team all came together to bring our shared vision to life. However, fate had planned a few extra challenges to test our resilience.

Intense heat and dry weather were additional obstacles, and some irrigation lines were not ready. But team spirit and determination enabled us to overcome these trials successfully.

Little Paulownias aren't the type to hang around!

They arrived in our hands with a deadline to be planted within the week. No time to waste! We acted quickly to prevent our precious trees from suffocating in their too-small rootballs.

Patience is the key to success in our agroforestry adventure.

Paulownias are fast-growing experts, but we have to take care of them by planting them in spring, after the last frost. This allows them to root firmly before facing winter.

Of course, no adventure would be complete without a few unexpected twists and turns!

The drip irrigation nozzles, under the effect of day-night temperature variations, tended to move away from the base of the trees. But once again, we rose to the challenge with clever solutions: staples, stakes and all our know-how to keep the pipes in place.

We also enriched the soil with organic nitrogen amendments, drawn from nature itself. Nettle purin, beet, fish, manure, ground horn, dried blood... All (not very appetizing!) additions respectful of our dear Mother Earth to help our young trees begin their vigorous growth in the ground.

But work is not yet done

We're now going to mulch the soil carefully. A small dose of RCW (shredded wood recovered from cypress pruning) mixed with grass clippings will protect the soil, reduce evaporation and provide an ideal nourishing environment for our little protégés. We also need to make sure that other vegetation doesn't compete with our young trees, which are still so small.

And finally, here's a bonus video, made around 3 weeks after planting:


We look forward to bringing you more news in our next update at the end of the summer. We can't wait to share with you the progress of your magnificent trees, living witnesses to your commitment to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Thanks to you, every tree planted is another step towards reducing our collective footprint on this beautiful planet. Remember, dear MANA friends, every gesture counts and every tree planted is a victory for nature and for all of us.

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